Halcyon Test Grid
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Welcome to the IMA Halcyon Test Grid!

This grid is set up to test operation of the Halcyon simulator and document setting up a grid and its impact for user experience. Lots of hammering going on in here as we bang on things to find out what works and what does not!

This website is also being tested for use with the grid as a separate opensource option.

Grid Update Status

World is running on Halcyon-0.9.34.
This update provides for grid specific branding in several places that had been hard coded to OS or IW / InWorldz. Full list of features posted at Halcyon Server 0.9.34 R6334.

2/26/2017 Installed Anaximander 2.1.1 for the world map tile generation. This version uses the region map textures to render the region and will use the qualifying prim surface colors and texture averages to render prim items. Much more detail than previously able to produce by the original mapping processes. As the development continues, the process will be getting more detailed and accurate.

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